20 Top Best Quality Prestashop Premium Themes/Templates 2013

20 Top Best Quality Prestashop Premium Themes/Templates 2013

Prestashop one of the most progressive and fast growing open source e-commerce software ideal for inexperienced users who want to create a dynamic and striking website without coding or programming hassles.

Accordingly, free Prestashop themes are truly a must have add-ons to showcase all your content/product images in a more disciplined and simple way.

There are tons of free and premium prestashop themes out in the web. Hence, it is obviously hard to find the best of best themes that goes well with your website. Here is the round-up of 10 top free prestashop themes to share with you. Hope you like them all!!!

Lite Blue Prestashop Theme – Free

little blue

This absolutely free Lite Blue Prestoshop Theme is designed all in blue that seems so simple, classic and attractive for distraction minimization, but also make website become pure, warm, and fun for the visitors. Load in all your product images and content all in respective modules, customize the features at the back end or use it as is to jazz up your online store.

Vividollv Free Prestashop Theme


Inspired from the Indonesian culture this is an elegant and simple free prestashop theme with great user interface and a simple layout including a 2 columns of fixed width, horizontal menu & sub menu integration, custom homepage. The main highlight being room for flash images, company logo, sitemap, main menus with various beautiful transitions and visual effects that emphasize featured products and lets you categorize your products range to modules and menus in a logical way.

Ipnotik-Free Prestashop Theme

inkpot free theme

Ipnotik is another great and minimalistic theme ideal for any of your fashion or urban PrestaShop site or online store to execute all your colorful merchandise where the layout of the theme will certainly make your product images pop out!

Now, highlight your special today, top seller, most popular and new arrivals and customize rest of the module sand content stuff in simple mouse clicks to help you get closer to your customers.

Black & White Free Prestashop Theme

black and white

Here is the ultimate and completely adorable free Black and white prestashop theme integrated with main menus, airy header to index in the company logo/custom text, light footer, and much more all designed and categorized accordingly to guide/navigate your customers with great ease. Truly an outstanding and high quality Prestashop theme!!!!

Angela Sweet Free PrestShop Theme:

The Angela sweet PrestaShop Theme is factually a very impish theme with outstanding and distinctive layout that surely fills an amazing face to your online shopping store. The arresting appearance, headers, footers, home page, modules, color are all literally very subtle and sharp. It not just drags visitor’s attention but makes them cling to the site for longer periods for sure.

RGB – Free Prestashop Theme

RGD is a simple, simpler and simplest of the prestashop free themes that can easily blend with any of your online Prestashop networks. This minimalist theme combines greens, whites and yellows. Moreover the pleasing space design and color contrast reveals very professional and add sparkles to your products.

Swanky Prestashop Free Theme

swanky free theme

Here we list out a perfectly awesome and astounding free Prestashop theme integrated well with eye-catchy clean main menus, flash image, modules and more in dark pink and black combination. Download this useful free Prestashop theme to spice up your site design or transform your present site more attractive, engaging and striking with this solid yet pleasant theme.

MOON Prestashop Theme – Free


Moon is an excellent and no doubt a pleasant freeprestashop theme that thrives to splash a sense of breeziness or coolness to your website with soothing white and light background and layout. Moreover, this amazing theme is loaded with many distinct features to support information label, information blocks, and modules for essential products/content. A very structural and logical Free Prestashop theme to promote your products without any hindrances!!!!

UPPERCASE Free Prestashop Theme


Uppercase a nice, catchy, clean and elegant free Prestashop theme integrated with promotion banners, slideshow images and other graphics, a slide menu that shows the different categories and many more functionalities. Simple, but glamour fashion, multi-function and more precisely a free Prestashop theme to express out your content/subject of the theme more dynamically.

Sports Store Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Sports Store Prestashop theme is definitely an obvious theme for PrestaShop especially for those who have insane passion abut style and fashion and wants to jazz up their website to be more happening and fun all the way. This amazing Prestashop premium theme comes with marvelous layout design along with distinct editable features that will perfectly suit your online store.

Create unique website image among other competitors with this amazing Prestashop template. An Affordable, readymade e-commerce solution!!!!

Clothes Store Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Clothes Store Premium Prestashop is undoubtedly amazing high quality Prestashop template that will spice up your web store design. The blend of colors, contrast, featured images etc. plays an earnest role in shaping and conveying an attractive look and message to the visitors at the very first glance all in all. The template is just user friendly with exceptional pleasant navigation!!!

Sun Glasses Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Sun Glasses Premium Prestashop themes are one amongst marvelous PrestaShop template to spice up and turn up any and every ecommerce site into something special and outstanding. Drag visitors to your website/blog, boost towards revenue generation, beat your competitors and stand far ahead among them with this template.

Flexible Prestahop theme!!!!

Photo Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Photo Premium Prestashop themes is a very nice and super awesome cool PrestaShop theme that makes your presence online, apt for all kind of jewelry, entertainment, sports or ecommerce website out there with its clean and mysterious design layout.

Exceptional space for slider and featured product images saves space and delivers subject in an interactive yet entertaining fashion. A functional yet professional Prestashop theme!!!

Alternative Clothes Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Nothing would be more subtle and perfect to employ other than Alternative Clothes Premium Prestashop themes – a captivating PrestaShop theme that will conveys all of your products/services using a professional and eye catchy look and feel.

As you can see, this theme ships a unique design, neat interface, harmonious colors and more utilities, many tabs to deliver more information to customer in such a limited web space.

T-Shirt Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

T-Shirt Premium Prestashop theme helps you demonstrate all of your website product/services in a clean yet elegant layout with great user interface

This elegantly designed Prestashop theme can also be used to employ for men’s fashion, style and apparel site sits on PrestaShop. Drive more visitors to your site!!! Gain more revenues.

Spice Store Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Spice Store Premium Prestashop theme is a user-friendly PrestaShop template designed to be easy to set up, customize, configure and update. This high quality prestashop themes is literally a robust theme with excellent blend of colors and layout loaded with distinct features. Its logical structure and expansion modules help you stock all your products/services in very easy and simple way without meeting any hindrances.

Watches Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Want to promote your products online???

Watches Premium Prestashop theme is the perfect solution thatprofessionally establishes and promotes your brand online with its exceptional template design.

This is an excellent theme to implement to your ecommerce site that will not only meet all your client need but also in account of its color, design, navigation with professional style.

Tools Ware Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Tools Ware Premium Prestashop themesis a perfect PrestaShop theme worth downloading to execute and organize all your website products/services exceptionally beautiful and gorgeous. Spice up or revamp your websites into more attractive, engaging and stunning look by downloading and installing this amazing prestashop theme which eventually results in dragging more visitors and hence generate more revenues.

Spice Shop Premium Prestashop themes

Demo Link

Spice Shop Premium Prestashop Theme is one of the top best Prestashop themes you will be pleased with as it is loaded with amazing frontend.

There is lots of space design and glamour and color contrast inherited in this template that literally adorns your website into something really great with very subtle and sharp look and feel to your website layout. The layout looks very professional and neat l as well as adds sparkles to your products. Truly, an excellent Premium yet quality PrestaShop theme suitable for any ecommerce websites all the way.

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